Professional Video Analysis of your Fly Casting

Would you like to improve your fly casting? Capt. Chris Myers offers a professional analysis of your fly casting video. Maybe you do not have any fly casting instructors in your area or do not have the time for one on one lessons. Make a video of yourself casting and I will provide a full written analysis of your cast. Included in this report will be any observed casting errors and specific actions you can take to correct them.

Help cure your fly casting problems for less than 1/2 the price of a private lesson.

An individual fly casting lesson can cost $50/hour. A written evaluation of your cast on video is just $19.99. Any additional analysis requested will be only $15 per session. Using this method, you can work on your fly fishing cast on your own schedule yet still receive expert advice, help, and critique of your fly casting stroke.

Email me at [email protected] to get started today or call 321-229-2848 for more information.